Chaos in the Streets (Clocktower Script)

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Author: Lachlan

Difficulty: Intermediate (Player), Expert (Storyteller)



Required Fabled: The Sentinel

Notes: This script has one very weird interaction, the Marionette Alchemist, that is worth explaining here.

Because Riot says [All Minions are Riot], the only way that the Marionette ability can be in-play is if the Alchemist has the Marionette ability. If this happens, the Alchemist will think they are a different good character (and not learn they are the Alchemist), they will be sitting next to a Riot, and all Riot will know that they are the Alchemist.

Think of it this way. In this script, the Alchemist is a Drunk that neighbours the Demon, and the Demon knows who they are. An Alchemist Marionette might, for example, think that they are the Seamstress. You will wake them up to use their ‘Seamstress ability’ just like you would for an actual Seamstress, or a drunk Seamstress.

Chaos in the Streets.png

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