Spooky Tea (Clocktower Script)

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Author: Lachlan

Difficulty: Expert (Player & Storyteller)

Pdf: https://botc-scripts.azurewebsites.net/script/106/2.0.1/download_pdf

.json: https://botc-scripts.azurewebsites.net/script/106/2.0.1/download

Character sheet without Cannibal: https://imgur.com/a/xZQ8fwn

Required Fabled: The Sentinel and the Duchess.

Notes: Make sure you include the Duchess. Also, there are a few funky interactions here.

  • The Widow can poison themselves (to stop a Widow ping going out) or the Fearmonger (and stop a Fearmonger announcement from being made), which can throw doubt on which Demon is in-play.
  • A Fearmonger can still win via their ability even if the player they nominate & execute is already dead.
  • In a Lil' Monsta game, the ST should usually try and avoid having 2 Minions alive on final day, as this creates a coin-flip situation for the good team as to who is the Demon.
  • If the Engineer creates a Lil' Monsta, the Vortox becomes the not in-play Minion.
  • If the Engineer creates a Vortox, whichever Minion is currently holding the Lil’ Monsta token becomes the Vortox.
  • Lil' Monsta/Lunatic is messy. If there's a Lunatic in-play, probably just make them think that they are the Vortox.

Spooky Tea Small.png

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