The Lore and Lands of Kalarain

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The Valley of Hope and the Nexus - The in-game location the game takes place at.

The Peoples of Kalarain - 8 playable races and 6 playable sub-races.

The Nations of Kalarain - Notable countries and areas from the world.

The History of Kalarain - 1000+ years of wild historical happenings.

The Sorrow - A great monster who ravaged the world several decades ago. It caused the damage that the Nexus now heals.

The Kalarain Guide to Magic - Sigils, talismans, the 6 types of magic, and the strange ‘Obsession’ all mages enter after they learn their first spell.

The Kalarain Guide to Spirits - What happens after you die, and a list of 10 Worldspirits, the closest thing Kalarain has to ‘gods’.

Organisations and Schemes - A list of some notable groups and operations active in Kalarain