The Midnight Oasis (Clocktower Script)

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Author: Lachlan

Difficulty: Expert (Player), Crazy Expert (Storyteller)



Fabled: The Sentinel and the Spirit of Ivory (Sentinel is optional - less necessary at high Outsider counts).

Custom Background Image:

Recommended Travelers: Thief, Harlot, Apprentice (use with caution).

Notes: Some tips on running Midnight Oasis.

  • The Sentinel is optional. Use or exclude it as you see fit, based on player count & how potent you expect a confirmed base Outsider count to be.
  • Take care to avoid having a living Al-Hadikhia and a dead Vigormortis in the same game. The Al-Hadikhia will almost certainly resurrect the Vigormortis.
  • Depending on the setup, consider giving the Balloonist & Savant very good info very early on. In a 10-player game with an Al-Hadikhia, Psychopath, Golem & Pit-Hag, for example, a Balloonist will probably die very quickly - give them something to work with.

The Midnight Oasis.png

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