The Nations of Kalarain

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A map of the world of Kalarain

Big world map.png

The Northern Continent

The Milky Peninsula - A cursed, ghost white subcontinent whose inhabitants attack any creature with a spark of magic.

The Fractal Mountains - A mountainous region of monster hunters who hold back the Alabaster Curse.

The Methusian Empire - The final bastion of a once all-powerful empire.

The Independents - A disparate collection of isolated towns and cities, cut off from the world by the Emperor Mountain Range. Former Methusian territory.

Rhylmouth - The abandoned, cursed seat of power of an ancient Methusian emperor -being written by Brynn Massey, not yet complete.

Mosshaven - A heterogeneous melting pot ruled by a benevolent council.

Nur - A nation of animal folk, with a society almost entirely constructed around distribution of food.

The Land of Milk and Honey - A craggy region saturated with yellow fog and fae glamour. Impassible to all but the fair folk.

Camara - A swampy nation of monsters and slaves, ruled by a group of 7 tyrants.

The Ascended City of Kyal'Veh - A sunken city of malevolent cultists which recently emerged from the ocean. The spirit which gave them power isn't around anymore. They haven’t realised yet.

The Isle of Puck - A nation of hedonistic terraforming mages dedicated to having as much fun as possible.

Vernon-Lament - A nation of austere Spirit worshipers with enormous stone churches and refined proper manners. Everyone is undead.

The Eternal Thunderland - A reclusive nation that abhors writing and magic. As of recently, filled with dragons.

The Southern Continent

Brimsskor and the Sea People The moving island of the Sea People, great sailors, raiders and traders in equal measure.

The Athaeloran Empire - Three countries under one crown, with landed aristocracy and gunpowder warfare. Encompasses Athaelore, Drewnolas and Rodynia Strana.

Rhunsari - A "cuckoo" nation of information gatherers which teaches its citizenry to mimic the cultures and traditions of other lands. The biggest spy ring in the world.

Thur Farim - A dwarven nation, carved into the bedrock of red desert ravines.

Pascaria - A bizarre "patchwork" country whose inhabitants swap professions and lives every few months.

Lenore - A country which prizes education above all else. Most inhabitants are hardcore survivalists, as the weather and landscape suffer extreme day to day changes.

The People's Happy Utopia - A country of intense bureaucracy, propaganda and poverty. Constructed entirely around filling the whims of its dictator.

Hollyhock - Dark moors, collectivism and witches.

The Provinces of Ash - A scarred peninsula of endless war vied over by dozens of warlords and factions.

Sarea - A nation of heroes burned by collective trauma, dedicated to assisting others.

Black Isle - An uninhabited volcanic isle. The site of the final battle against the Sorrow.

The Vale of Ghosts - The site of a terrible experiment in spirit magic. Those who enter are possessed.

The Spires of History - A sparsely populated mountain region whose inhabitants spend their days experiencing fragments of the lives of those long dead.

Traansadoor - A country ruled by its fear and hatred of spirits, spiritborn and ectochoirs. Uses captured spirits as fuel for light and heating.

A quick guide on how to dress.

A number of Kalarain’s countries have specific types of national dress that parallel real-world or fictional equivalents and styles. These are listed below:

Medieval Europe/Stereotypical Fantasy – Mosshaven, The Fractal Mountains (gritty leathers focus), The Provinces of Ash, Drewnolas (german focus)

Victorian – Vernon-Lament, Nur

Greek/Roman – The Methusian Empire

Celts/Picts – Camara

Ottoman/Assyrian – South-East Mosshaven, The Isle of Puck, Thur Farim

Barbarian Chic – The Eternal Thunderland

Viking – The Sea People

Spanish – Pascaria

Ancient Japan/China – Lenore, The People’s Happy Utopia, Sarea, Hollyhock

Steampunk-lite – Traansadoor, The Spires of History

Spooky Witches - Hollyhock

Renaissance Europe – Athaelore, Rodynia Strana

Weird Stuff – The Independents, Pascaria, Nur

That said, do not feel constrained by this list. Every country will have plenty of local variation; if you can’t find a costume that fits Sarea’s national dress, but just really want to play a character from Sarea, go for it. There are plenty of ways such things can be explained away.