The Peoples of Kalarain

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These are the playable races and subraces of Spirit.

Extra information on what races work with which other races and subraces can be found in the Tome of Rules.



Elf - Graceful, long-lived beings. Many dwell in eastern and northern Mosshaven.

Dwarf - A race of stout, bearded folk who make for brilliant artisans. Literally carved from stone. The largest population can be found in Thur Farim.

Orc - Tusked, green-skinned people. Many can be found in the deserts of southern Mosshaven.

Troll - Woolly mountain-dwellers with voracious appetites. Most can be found in Rodynia Strana.

Halfing - Merry small folk. Many can be found in in western Mosshaven.

Anids - Animal people of great variety. Nur is the largest anid nation.

Elementals - Rare beings of living magic, most common in Lenore.


Undead - One who fell victim to a unique event thirty years ago on Vernon Lament, now not quite living.

Psychotropes - Telepathically vulnerable people who are highly vulnerable to mind magic and mental influence.

Echtochoirs - A spirit possessing another body, how much the original personality is still present varies.

Spiritborn - A usually unintentional reincarnation of an old soul into a new body, their previous memories often return over the course of their life.

Drained - People cut off from the magic of the world around them. Most common in The Provinces of Ash.

Warped Ones - People with Sorrow-caused physical abnormalities, like horns, tails or strange eye colors.