Blood on the Clocktower - Selected Custom Scripts

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Pictured: Spooky vibes

Guaranteed Good Times

Blood on the Clocktower is a neat social deduction game. It currently has 3 ‘core’ base scripts: Trouble Brewing, Bad Moon Rising and Sects and Violets. When people have played a lot of those, custom scripts are often the next point of call.

This is a shortlist of some really good custom scripts that have had a strong positive reception. I’ve picked out scripts that have received a lot of playtime, that I've had a great time playing, and that bring something new & different to the table.

Clicking on a script will take you to a dedicated page that includes links to a pdf (with the night order), and a .json (for online play).

I’m leaning pretty heavily on AdmiralGT’s repository of custom Clocktower scripts for the json and PDF links, so many thanks to him for his efforts.

Full-Size Scripts

Scripts designed for 7-15 players (plus Travellers).

Uncertain Death by Matt

Uncertain Death P1.png

Catfishing by Emily

Catfishing 11.1.png

Hide and Seek by Narninian and Zaba

Hide and Seek Final.png

Poppyganda by Dan


Strange Demon Scripts <Shameless Self-Promotion>

These are also full-size scripts, they just have weird Demons on them.

The majority of the most popular custom scripts involve single-kill Demons doing single-kill Demon things. These ones include some of the (at time of writing) lesser-used Clocktower Demons that radically shake up the game for a (hopefully) distinctive experience.

These are ones I’ve put together. I’ve playtested them and think they are pretty good, but they’re not in the same category as the scripts listed above, and I wanted to flag them as such.

Chaos in the Streets - Riot Script

Chaos in the Streets.png

The Midnight Oasis - Al-Hadikhia Script

The Midnight Oasis.png

Cultists of Atlantis - Leviathan Script

Cultists of Atlantis.png

Terrific Teensyvilles

Scripts designed for 5-6 players.

No Greater Joy small.png

No Greater Joy by Steven Medway

Race to the Bottom Small.png

Race to the Bottom by Evin Donohoe

Laissez un Faire small.png

Laissez un Faire by Steven Medway

Spooky Tea Small.png

Spooky Tea by Lachlan


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